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10 Best Bass Cab Ir

Top Pick. 1
JOYO Cabinet Modeling and Amp Simulator Effect Pedal Supports Third Party IRs Loading for Electric...
  • JOYO CAB BOX is a cabinet modeling pedal, with IR loading supported. It has 4 tube power amp simulations, 20 cabinet models and 11 classic microphone models.
  • It has more interface, much bigger screen with more buttons compared with rival's similar products, it's quite user-friendly, regarding the IR, apart from 20 preset loading locations, it also supports storing 10 third party IRs.
  • Ability connect to the PC through the USB, and use the matching software to edit tones and update firmware, load or delete third party IRs, supports both Windows/Mac OS. 128 tone store positions, supporting MIDI controlled devices changing tone real time. It can connect to amp's FX LOOP or other devices for stereo output.
Top Pick. 2
Hotone Omni IR Cab Impulse Response Cabinets Speaker Simulation Guitar Bass Effects Pedal
  • 40 Legendary Cabinet Models, Supports 3rd Party IR Files, 100 Presets, 24-bit A/D/A Conversion
  • 40 Presets, Detailed 4-band EQ with Flexible Frequency Range and 12dB max. Boost/Cut
  • Built-in OLED Screen with clear display, Assignable footswitch with LED, Aux in and Headphone Output
Top Pick. 3
Hotone Binary IR Cab Impulse Response Cabinets Speaker Simulation Guitar Bass Effects Pedal
  • 100 Legendary Cabinet Models, Supports 3rd Party IR Files, 100 Presets
  • 10 CDCM based Legendary Studio Microphone Simulations with Mic Position (X, Y, Z) and Room Simulations, 8 CDCM based Power Amp Simulations with Presence Control
  • Built-in OLED Screen with clear display, Aux in and Headphone Output
Top Pick. 4
SONICAKE IR Pedal Speaker Cabinet Simulator Impulse Response Loader Guitar Bass Effects Pedal
  • IR Pedal Simple & Efficient Impulse Response Loading tool for simulating all kinds of Speaker Cabinets
  • 11 on-board Classic Guitar/Bass Cabinet Simulations with Volume Control
  • Super easy way (Drag and Drop operation) for Managing IR Files (recognized as a USB Disk)
Top Pick. 5
Getaria Guitar Multi Effects Pedal IR Cab Electric Guitar Pedals Multi Effects Processor Delay...
  • 🎸🎸【Supports Third Party IR Files】 Guitar pedals multi effects support third-party IR files, so if you want to cover the original IR file, use the USB cable that comes with the product to import the third-party IR box simulation file. You can via our official website to download the free software Cube-Suite.
  • 🎸🎸【LIVE And PRESETS Mode】Getaria guitar multi effect pedal has two modes: live mode, which allows the player to edit the effects chain and then save the presets, and preset mode, which allows the player to switch between three presets.It comes with 3 preset modes (Lead, Rhythm, Clean) but you can easily replace them with your own presets created in Live Mode.
  • 🎸🎸【8 classic Amp simulation】Guitar effect pedal with 9 classic Amp simulations.Such as Fender Pro Princeton, Lin 6 Vetta, Marshall 1960, and other models are all available. This pedal has two modulation effects (chorus, phase shift), one tape delay, one reverb effect, and eight classic IR file models. It also has a high-precision tuner.
Top Pick. 6
Boss IR-200 Amp and IR Cabinet Pedal
  • Guitar Amplifier Simulat Impulse Response Loader Pedal
Top Pick. 7
Digitech Dual Speaker Cabinet Emulator Pedal (CabDryVR-U)
  • DigiTech CabDryVR Dual Cabinet Simulator pedal features a selection of 14 all new great sounding guitar and bass cabinet impulse responses.
  • Now you can run direct from your pedal board or preamp through the CabDryVR to your mixing board, in-ear monitors or DAW and get high quality cabinet emulation without the need for a real cabinet.
  • The CabDryVR uses a 9VDC power supply to easily integrate into your existing pedalboard.
Top Pick. 8
FLAMMA FS07 Stereo Simulation Pedal 7 User Preset Slots Support IR Loading Software Editing
  • High-quality stereo cabinet simulation/IR loading pedal.
  • Includes 7 user preset slots that can store two different cabinet simulation setting each.
  • 11 factory cabinet simulation files with support for loading third-party impulse response files
Top Pick. 9
Call Signs
  • Audio CD – Audiobook
  • Ais (Publisher)
Top Pick. 10
IR Repeater System - Hidden IR Control Extender Kit System for Home Theater Infrared IR Emitter...
  • solution for those who want to conceal their A/V components equipment inside an entertainment system cabinet or closet doors for a clean, stylish look. It is compatible with almost all the IR electronic appliances like set-top box , cable box, TV , DVD player,etc with its wide frequency range20 KHz to 60KHz, also compatible with SKY STB and CISCO DVD player.
  • IR .Repeater system allows you to Control home theater components located behind cabinet doors
  • Mini Block size , Dual Sensors ( one 38KHz , the other 56KHz ) Mini Bar IR Receiver with long effective remote control distance up to 100 Feet @38KHz and 23 feet at 56KHz , High sensitivity, Real time transmission without any delay .
Top Pick. 11
MOOER Radar Guitar Speaker CAB Simulator
  • 30 different speaker cab models,11 mic models, 4 power amp models
  • Customizable EQ stage,Capable of loading custom IRS
  • Store and recall up to 36 user presets
Top Pick. 12
HeadRush FRFR-108 | 2000W Full-Range Flat-Response Powered Guitar Cabinet
  • Full Range, Flat Response - Specially-voiced 8-inch woofer and high-frequency compression driver deliver a precise, flat response across the entire frequency range without any artificial colouration
  • High Output Power - 2000 watts of peak power delivers clarity, punch and enough headroom for any venue
  • Effortless Connectivity - (2) XLR/TRS ¼-inch combo inputs with independent volume controls and clip indicator; XLR output sends your mix to the front of house or links additional FRFR-108 cabinets

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