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10 Best Underground Metal Detector

Top Pick. 1
Digital Underground Metal Detector Maximum 1.5 Meters Detection Depth LCD Display Backlit...
  • 1. This metal detector uses an electromagnetic field to detect the presence of a concealed metal object.Metal detectors are usually used at security checkpoints to detect metallic weapons, but they cannot detect weapons made of plastic or ceramic.They are also used to find gold and coins in the ground, and land mines.
  • 2. Strike gold with the Jackpot metal detector that can locate both ferrous and non ferrous metals.
  • 3. With adjustable sensitivity and a large LCD screen you can locate lost treasures, salvage metal or discover ancient artifacts from bygone eras.
Top Pick. 2
fosa Metal Detector, 6.6khz 3-10ft Detection Depth Treasure Hunters Golden Finder with Adjustable...
  • All Metal Detection:This treasure hunter is capable of scanning and detecting all metal , including gold , silver , coins and other metals. The backlit LCD display can easily identify metals in dark or light conditions
  • Detection Depth:You can detect treasures that buried in 3 10ft deep ground. You can also detect metals in shallow water normally. And the detector can be set to ignore certain materials
  • Adjustable Sensitivity:Sensitivity can be adjusted through the left hand knob to detect different metals. The detection target is displayed on the LCD display , you can decide immediately
Top Pick. 3
allsun Pro Metal Detector Adults Beginner Gold Silver Finder Treasure Hunter Underground, Handheld...
  • 【ONLY DETECTION COIL WATERPROOF】Adult Handheld Metal Detector, Battery NOT INCLUDES. Features a waterproof detection coil, NOT a whole detector is waterproof, giving you the freedom to lower the coil up to 20cm underwater, so you can go beneath the surface and easily uncover your treasure!
  • 【LCD DISPLAY】Gold Finder Metal Detector, there is a LCD display on the metal detector which shows different functions such as mode, depth and sensitivity. Low battery indication. It is very easy for you to operate and track. And LCD lights are suitable for identification of metal in night or caliginous outside.
  • 【WIDELY USE】Professional Metal Detector, the Deep Target Waterproof Metal Detector is great for use by professionals and treasure enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re an Archaeologist or amateur Relic Hunter you’ll love this metal detector’s low cost and high effectiveness.
Top Pick. 4
AKS 100-240V Rechargeable Metal Detector,1400 Meters Metal Detector Underground Metal Detector Gold...
  • Metal Detector: Gold searcher, which can identify metal types, easily find metals useful to you, and search for gold, silver, copper, gems, etc.
  • Detection Range: As the object gets larger and larger, the detection becomes deeper; the maximum detection depth is 12m. The maximum search range is 800m. For example: 5cm x 5cm can detect at least 3.5m deep, 30cm x 30cm, can detect 5-8m.
  • Recognition Principle: The microcomputer processor controls and reflects the conductivity to determine the metal position in a wide range, and the specific type of metal is recognized by the frequency regulator.
Top Pick. 5
Wedigout Metal Detector MD-4030 Pro Edition Hobby Explorer Waterproof Search Coil with Shovel
  • The advantage: Using the new technology. It is widely applied ti detect underground metal objects. It is one of the most convenient and most sensitive metal detector. You deserve to have one.
  • Applications: Detecting metal objects buried underground. Widely used in security check, treasure hunting, material check etc..
  • Features: Two Operation Modes: All Metal, Disc;Volume - To adjust the volume level of speaker and headphone
SaleTop Pick. 6
Metal Detector for Kids, Waterproof Kids Metal Detector with LCD Searching Gold Digger Treasure...
  • 【Metal Detector for Kids】Through your detector, you can probably search for 5cm / 2in iron and 3cm / 1.2in ordinary metals (copper, gold, and silver). Items within about 10cm / 3.9in can be detected.
  • 【Detection Indication 】- LCD analogue display and audio indicate the detection of metal.Equipped with Large LCD Display, Metal Detectors can Identify the metal in night or caliginous outside.
  • 【Widely Use 】Explore metal objects buried underground. Perfect for finding metal objects and anywhere that metal needs to be detected. Designed to Find Metal - Search gold & silver jewelry, coins and other metal in the ground.
Top Pick. 7
allsun Pro Underground Metal Detector Gold Digger Professional Treasure Hunter High Sensitivity...
  • Handheld Treasure Hunter max detecting depth: about 1.5 m.(The result 60CM*60CM*1CM steel plate on the ground surface)
  • Hunter Coin Finder can be used to hunt old coins, jewelry, relics, artifacts, buried treasures and other valuables
  • Meter Detector has detection modes(ground balance mode and discrimination mode), earphone jack, connect earphone to the detector
Top Pick. 8
Xiuganpo Metal Detector Gold, 1-99m Range 16m Depth Treasure Scanner 360-440Hz High Accuracy...
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】This metal detector kit is made pf ABS material, you can use metal detectors to explore more places to find treasures, looking for gold, silver, copper and gems. With high sensitivity and stability, it can identify different types of metals, and can easily find metal objects that are useful to you.
  • 【EFFICIENT】The microelectronic gold detector processor is used to control the chip unit calibration and instrument self test system, which can scan and test easily and quickly, and improve the work efficiency of treasure hunters.
  • 【A WIDE RANGE OF】The underground metal detector detection range can arrive 99m, and the underground detection depth can arrive 16m. It is widely used in security inspections, archaeological treasures, etc.
Top Pick. 9
MWF Aqua Long Range Underground Water Detector & Locator, Identifies All Types of Water, Advanced...
  • HIGHLY PRECISE DEVICE: This advanced underground water detector comes with built-in acoustic identification systems to locate the path to water by pointing to the center of the water source, including water wells.
  • LONG RANGE DETECTION: Unmatched in groundwater detection capability! This detector is designed to accurately identify and detect groundwater such as natural spring water, salt water, mineral water, and more. The long distance sensing system (LDS) capability is equal to 200 meters in depth and distance.
  • NEWLY DESIGNED SYSTEM: This ground penetrating radar helps you avoid any unexpected errors by isolating all resulting signals from the magnetic effects of soil and metallic rocks.
SaleTop Pick. 10
Metal Detector for Adults, 1000M Range 30M Depth Professional Underground Metal Detector High...
  • 【Function】 The underground metal detector has a high-quality long-range search system and precise positioning detection system. Using microcomputer to control chip unit calibration, the self-inspection system can scan and test quickly
  • 【Easy to Use】 With excellent sensitivity and stability, the strongest core, intelligent modular operation, fast and efficient
  • 【Design】 The underground metal detector is equipped with a display, which can easily and clearly understand the detection situation and the detected objects

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